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Offering valuable tools and resources to long-term care facilities in California designed specifically to recruit, train, and retain a strong and resilient workforce.


Certified Nurse Assistant Program (CNAP): Focused on increasing the CNA workforce in California

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The Certified Nurse Assistant Program (CNAP) is a 5-year, multipronged initiative focused on increasing the CNA workforce across California. CNAP offers resources to employers to create a sustainable employee pipeline and foster CNA retention through career advancement opportunities.

Facilities that are California Department of Public Health (CDPH) approved for facility-based CNA training, or those contracted with community-based CNA training programs, may qualify for Earn and Learn funds.

With CNAP, long-term care facilities across California can build a thriving CNA workforce.


CNAP Benefits

Advantages of CNAP

Funding Opportunities

Gain access to funding options and resources available through CNAP to support your workforce development initiatives.

Recruit, Train, Retain (RTR)

Leverage CNAP's expertise and resources to enhance your ability to recruit, train, and retain qualified CNAs, ensuring a stable and skilled work environment.

Employer Recognition

Position your organization as an employer that prioritizes and invests in the development and growth of your frontline workers, fostering a positive workplace culture.

Attract Quality Candidates

CNAPs reputation as a trusted program attracts quality candidates who actively seek employers that are committed to delivering exceptional care to residents.

Enhanced Quality Care

Through CNAP's resources and support, you can enhance the quality of care provided to residents by cultivating a skilled and knowledgeable CNA workforce.

Continuous Improvement

Engage in a culture of continuous improvement as CNAP provides tools, best practices, and educational materials to help your organizations performance.

Networking Opportunities

Connect and collaborate with other employers, Workforce Investment Boards, or community organizations in the CNAP network, allowing for knowledge sharing, wraparound services and exchange of best practices within and for the CNA industry.

Training Opportunities

CNAP Earn & Learn and CNA Upskillling Program (CUSP) Facilities will receive a complimentary one-year membership to NAHCA, the CNA Association, for their entire facility with hundreds of training courses available. NAHCA membership also includes two complimentary preceptor courses.

Employment Opportunities

Post your CNA open positions free of charge on the CNAP Career site and locate interested CNA candidates who have posted their resumes.

The National Association of Nursing Assistants (NAHCA)

As a Earn and Learn and/or CUSP Implementation Awardee, your entire facility is eligible for a complimentary one-year NAHCA membership. This membership offers access to exclusive benefits for all facility employees, including:

  • Access to NAHCA CNA Members Online Group
  •  NAHCA News E-Newsletters
  • CNA Community Recognition
  • Access to Members-only Exclusive Webinars and Events
  • The CareForce Virtual Campus (CVC): Access virtual trainings to enhance your skills and knowledge, including courses for the CNA Upskilling Program (CUSP)

CNA Upskilling Program (CUSP)

The goal of CUSP is to increase and retain the CNA workforce in the long-term care sector by instituting professional recognition of standardized advanced education and training levels, with statewide job titles and incremental financial awards for mastery of duties and wisdom gained.

With CUSP, CNAs have the chance to advance through recognized levels of achievement based on their completed educational modules and work experience. As they progress, they’ll not only gain new certifications and skills, but also enjoy the financial rewards that come with each level of accomplishment.

Explore CNAP CUSP Certifications

Facilities that support CNA upskilling through CUSP may be eligible to receive a financial award.

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Invest in Your Facility's Future with CNAP