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CNAP: Who, What, Where and Why

This webinar explains the CNAP Program and components, why it originated, who it is geared toward and how it will ultimately benefit California’s CNA workforce, Skilled Nursing Home Providers and Long-Term Care in general.

Employers! Build your CNA workforce with CNAP

Development and Approval of a Facility Based NATP Application

This webinar is tailored for administrators seeking to establish a nurse assistant training program within their facility. It provides valuable insights and information regarding the essential elements that administrators need to know when initiating the development and approval process for a facility based NATP. (You will be provided course modules on CNA training and assessment.) Forms below are discussed in the webinar:

Contracting with a Community Based NATP

This webinar equips employers of skilled nursing facilities with the knowledge and tools necessary to apply for a contract with a community-based NATP. It provides insights on how to hire CNAs to maintain staffing requirements while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. Additionally, it guides snfs in locations. selecting and building rapport with a community based program that aligns with their specific needs.

Establish a Partnership with a Facility-based or Community-based Earn and Learn Program at your Facility

Submit both the 278C (Facility Declaration of Participation in Approved Training Contract) and 278SC (Option 2 Nurse Assistant Pre-Certification Training Contract) forms to CDPH, reflecting your CNA training agreement with your training site (regional training hub facility or a community-based NATP).

  • Send all forms via email to CDPH at tpru@cdph.ca.gov
  • In the email subject line, include the training facility’s name and their training ID number, (F-) applicable to facility-based training or (S-) applicable to facilities partnering with a school.

 Once approved, facilities that have hired students and sent them through training (following Earn and Learn guidelines) qualify for the CNAP Earn and Learn Awards. 

Please note, it is recommended to formalize the training agreement with an MOU between the facility and the training site (see example for reference)

Become a Clincal Rotation Hosting Site

This webinar focuses on the application process for hosting a clinical site. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the regulations requred to maintain compliance with state and federal guidelines, and offers guidance on effectively selecting and building relationships with snfs to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement that meets the needs of both parties.

DSD Approval Packet

This presentation serves as a comprehensive guide, outlining the necessary CDPH documents and providing step-by-step details on the process for establishing a Director of Staff Development (DSD) for your facility’s NATP.

Recruiting Refugees and Immigrants into the CNA Workforce

This toolkit was created by the International Rescue Committee and is designed to help employers learn how hiring refugees and other recent immigrants for CNA roles can significantly contribute to achieving their hiring objectives and build a resilient, skilled, and diversified workforce.

CNAP Employer Flyer

This two-page flyer outlines the unique benefits and financial awards available through the Certified Nurse Assistant Program. 


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