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The Certified Nurse Assistant profession is vital for senior living communities. Today, more than ever, there is an incredible demand for compassionate and dedicated CNAs to serve the elderly and people with disabilities in skilled nursing facilities across California.

Across California, CNAs are in high demand

CNAP has designed a comprehensive program tailored specifically to CNA career seekers like you. With CNAP you can create your CNA story with confidence, unlocking a world of opportunities, and paving your way to success in the healthcare industry. 

Becoming a CNA is easier than you think. Follow the Earn and Learn path or the traditional path to your new career.

CNA Career Opportunities
CNAP Program


Earn and Learn Path

Take advantage of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) approved Earn and Learn Programs that allow you to start your CNA journey with no prior experience. Through this pathway you can earn a wage while you learn, gaining practical experience and receiving valuable training from experienced professionals.

Step 1
Get Hired at a Skilled Nursing Facility at 16 Years or Older.
Step 2
Get Paid Your Hourly Wage While Attending Class and Have All Education Fees (Tuition, etc.) Paid For by the Nursing Home
Step 3
Get Certified After Passing Your Exam
Step 4
Gain Fulfilling Healthcare Experience and Unlock Career Pathway Opportunities


Traditional Path

An alternative to learning on the job, go to school to become a CNA.

Step 1
Complete a State-Approved, 160-Hour CNA Training Program
(Cost: $1,200 - $2,565)
Step 2
Complete In-Person Clinical Training at a Healthcare Facility
Step 3
Pass CNA Competency Examination and Obtain State Approval Certification
(Cost: ~$130)
Step 4
Get Hired as a Certified Nurse Assistant

Earn and Learn

Advantages of Earn and Learn

Launch a Career

With no prior experience you can take control of your future and unlock endless opportunities for growth.

Earn a Competitive Salary

Unlike traditional educational paths, Earn and Learn programs offer the opportunity to earn a salary while you receive training.

Supportive Work Environment

Employers who offer Earn and Learn programs prioritize the growth and development of their CNAs.

Guidance and Mentorship

Gain insights and support from experienced professionals who prioritize training and advancement.

Already certified?

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that await you. Employers understand the value of investing in their workforce, including experienced CNAs like you.

With the CNA Upskilling Program (CUSP), you’ll have the chance to advance through recognized levels of achievement based on your completed educational modules and work experience. As you progress, you’ll not only gain new certifications and skills, but also enjoy the financial rewards that come with each level of accomplishment.

CUSP offers a pathway for your continued growth and professional advancement.

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